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Chicken Monday is exactly what it sounds like – every Monday we have chicken. That’s the plain and simple, the down and dirty.  Here’s the longer version:

Last November my husband Andrew and I welcomed our son Jacob into the world.  That singular event set into motion a domino-effect that completely changed our world.  In the most basic sense, we went from being a house of two to a house of three.  Our finances also changed from being a salary of two to a salary of one.  My career underwent a major upheaval from being a worker-bee first and homemaker second, to being the head of all things domestic full-time.  No sick days, no personal days, no vacations.

As I began the awesome task of feeding a newborn, I also had to engineer dinners for my husband and I.  Shortly after the generous meals from friends and family ran out, I was faced with an empty refrigerator and a kitchen full of cool cooking gadgets and a whole shelf of cook books and recipes I had been collecting over the years.  As my hungry husband paced the floorboards and that persistent question, “What do you want for dinner?” loomed in the air space above us I began to panic.

Then I remembered, I love to cook!!  I feel very accomplished when I take a page full of words and in 20 minutes to one hour produce a delicious, savory (or even better, sweet) feast.  I started combing through the pages of my cookbooks planning weekly menus.  I stumbled upon the poultry section of one particular book and could not believe how many different ways there were to prepare chicken!!  Whole roasts.  Stews.  Bakes.  Pastas.  Slow cooks.  Leftovers!  Unbelievable!!

After several weeks of trying out new recipes – mostly successful ones, I might add – Andrew suggested we start a new household tradition.  Chicken Monday.  I balked. Could I commit to making some sort of chicken dish every Monday from here on out?  Was it possible that there were that many recipes out there?  Would this be one of those things we tried for a couple of weeks, then fizzled out and never really spoke of again, like our yoga experiment?

I took a deep breath.

Then, I decided.  I’m in.  Chicken Monday it is.  That was a few months ago and we’re still going strong.  We’ve had some good meals and some that needed improvement.  There were some repeats – like my infamous chicken finger salad – and we do break for major holidays that fall on Mondays.

What can you expect from Chicken Monday?  Elaborations on the dish of the day with a recipe if there is one.  Pictures of particularly fantastic dishes.  Reviews from the chef and the eaters.  Who knows where Chicken Monday will wander? How much is there to know about chicken? Stay tuned and keep a napkin handy – there’s garanteed to be some drool on your keyboard.

Heather Lubchansky,

Domestic Engineer and Poultry Queen

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