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Great Deal on Chicken at ShopRite

September 18, 2009

I just complete my weekly shopping trip and was especially thrilled to see the HALF-PRICE chicken sale going on at ShopRite this week.  All Tyson chicken products are half price! Even the chicken fingers and whole chickens!  I seriously stocked up and now my freezer is stuffed.  I have all the protein I need for about a month’s worth of Chicken Mondays!  You can find your area’s circular to check out sales here:

I bought a small boiler/fryer, a cut up chicken, a family pack of chicken breasts (boneless) and a package of the thin-sliced chicken breasts, as well as a bag of the all-natural chicken nuggets.  This event has really made my week.  I was downright jubulant when I returned from my shopping trip this week.  Stay tuned to see what becomes of these chicken products as the Mondays go by.

Don’t forget to donate to Partners-in-Caring if your ShopRite participates.  Use some of the cash you didn’t spend on the chicken to help out local families in need.

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